Meet the Staff

The University Advancement division of Saint Leo University includes the following offices:

Advancement Services - Alumni & Parent Relations - Development
Grants and StewardshipSustained Giving - University Communications


Office of University Advancement

 Denny Moller, Vice President of University Advancement    
  Denny Moller
  Vice President of University Advancement
and Communications
  (352) 588-8644
 Jenny Timms, Executive Assistant    
  Jenny Timms
  Executive Assistant
  (352) 588-8250

Office of Advancement Services

 Susan Barreto    
  Susan Barreto
  Director of Advancement Services
  (352) 588-8355
  Annie Thornton
  Applications Specialist
  (352) 588-7535
Michelle Macchiavello    
  Michelle Macchiavello
Prospect Researcher
(352) 588-7103
 Donna Hoar    
  Donna Hoar
  Gift Stewardship Specialist
  (352) 588-8907
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Office of Alumni and Parent Relations

 Eddie Kenny    
  Eddie Kenny
  Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
  (352) 588-8994
  Amanda Laffin
  Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
  (352) 588-8837
 Samantha Byrd    
  Samantha Byrd
  Alumni and Parent Relations Assistant
  (352) 588-8254
 Karen Duvall    
  Karen Duvall
  Alumni and Parent Coordinator
  (352) 588-8667
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Office of Development

 Dawn M. Parisi, Executive Director of Development    
  Dawn M. Parisi
  Executive Director of Development
  (352) 588-8251
 Francis Crociata    
  Francis Crociata
  Senior Development Officer
  (352) 588-8349
 Denyve Boyle    
  Denyve Boyle
  Development Officer
  (352) 588-8882
 Stephen Kubasek, Development Officer    
  Stephen Kubasek
  Development Officer
  (352) 588-8120
 Sue Barre    
  Sue Barre
  Development Coordinator
  (352) 588-8483
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Office of Grants and Stewardship


Vikki Reece, Grant and Stewardship Officer

  Vikki Reece
  Grant and Stewardship Officer
  (352) 588-8668
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Office of Sustained Giving

Elizabeth Barr    
  Elizabeth Barr
  Director of Sustained Giving
  (352) 588-8824
Kerri Braly, assistant director of Sustained Giving    
  Kerri Braly
  Assistant Director of Sustained Giving
   (352) 588-8121
Vanessa Charlton    
  Vanessa Charlton
  GA for the Office of Sustained Giving
  (352) 588-7108
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Office of University Communications

 Lucia Raatma, Assistant Director of University Communications    
  Lucia Raatma
  Director of University Communications
  (352) 588-8253
 Jo-Ann Johnston    
  Jo-Ann Johnston
  Academic Communications Manager
  (352) 588-8237
  Kim Payne
  Staff Writer and Media Coordinator
   (352) 588-7233
Mary McCoy    
  Mary McCoy
Staff Writer
(352) 588-7118
  Ben Watters
  Art and Design Manager
  (352) 588-8420
  Renee Gerstein
  Senior Graphic Designer
  (352) 588-8188
 Jason Longo, Office Assistant    
  Jason Longo
  Office Assistant
  (352) 588-8572
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University Advancement

PO Box 6665 MC2227
33702 State Road 52
Saint Leo, FL 33574
Phone: (352) 588-8667