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The Department of Athletics is excited to announce the Team Tradition Challenge is underway! A program created last year to encourage greater participation in annual giving from former student-athletes. Step up to the challenge and make your gift today!

This year's Challenge is based on points earned through alumni donations. The team with the highest points will receive the $5,000 bonus in their operating budget while the team with the second highest points will receive $3,000. Points are earned in the following three categories:

  • Participation: based on the number of alumni donors divided by the total number of alumni for that sport. Points will be awarded for every 10 percentage points.
  • Gift Amount: points based on the amount of individual gifts received.
    • $100 gifts will receive 5 points
    • $250 gifts will recieve 10 points
    • $500 gifts will receive 15 points
    • $1000 gifts will receive 20 points (for each thousand dollars)
  • Average Gift: based on the overall average gift amount from alumni of that sport. The team with the highest average gift will receive 20 points, point values go down through all of the sports.
Donations can be made to any fund or area of the university however gifts must be $25 or more to count towards the challenge and must be received by April 15, 2014.  


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